Creating a VPC in AWS

This post is part of a series of posts categorized as “Wiki” that contain basic how-to information. The intent is to create a reference repository for myself, but I’m not selfish so if anyone else can also benefit from it then I’m happy to share the knowledge!

What follows is a basic walkthrough of creating a simple VPC with public and private subnets. One public and one private subnet are in one availability zone. The second public and private subnets are in a different availability zone.

network diagram

This VPC setup has several use cases. For example:

  • The public subnets could be used as a sort of DMZ with more sensitive resources located within the private subnets.
  • You can deploy webservers across the two private subnets with an AWS load balancer in the public subnets.

Creating a VPC

In the AWS VPC Dashboard click Create VPC.

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