My name is Craig Leabhart and this is my website. It is a place for me to share with the world anything that I feel worthy of dissemination and speak my mind on anything, everything and nothing in particular. No one has to listen to what I have to say and I do not pretend to be the final authority on anything. I do however promise to you that I will always try to verify information before publishing. If you ever come across something you question or know to be inaccurate please let me know. Not bringing it to my attention is a little like letting that one kid walk down the hall at school with toilet paper stuck to his shoe, or letting a co-worker go to a client meeting with food stuck in her teeth. You can contact me using contact@craigleabhart.com.

Who is Craig?

I am a product of the 80ā€™s born and raised in Iowa. I grew up in the Quad Cities and was an avid outdoorsman and active Boy Scout. I am a politics junkie, a true geek, a viking at heart, and an occasional blogger.

I attended college at both the University of Northern Iowa and the University of Iowa, graduating from the latter with a degree in Political Science. During college I worked on the 2006 Iowa Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign and spent the 2008 Iowa Caucuses with John Edwards for President.

After graduating I spent a year with AmeriCorpsVISTA in South Central Los Angeles. Specifically I did work with the volunteer program at a low income housing community operated by the County of Los Angeles.

When my year of being a VISTA was up I moved back to Iowa and worked for a prominent LGBT political non-profit.

When the non-profit downsized and eliminated my position I found my self working  in the transportation and logistics industry.

I love working with computers and technology, and eventually I thought it would be great to get paid to do my hobby. With that in mind I went back to school and earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Drake University in 2016.

I did professional web development for a few years but now work in information security.

Iā€™m also very involved with a small, volunteer run non-profit called the Des Moines Science Fiction & Fantasy Society.

I share a home with my partner and our three dogs.


Drake University: Bachelor of Science ā€“ BS, Computer Science, 2016

University of Iowa: Bachelor of Arts ā€“ BA, Political Science, 2008

The Institutes: Associate in General Insurance (AINS), 2018

The Institutes: Cyber Risk Management (CYB), 2018